We grow brands, the new way

Brand Grow Media is a new-thinking, full-service media agency. And yes, we admit, we're different.

We Operate

We're a community of masterminds. A cooperative of top talent working as a team to grow brands for marketers, advertising agencies and publishers of all sizes. We're young and flex our muscles shamelessly, but we're the real thing – our DNA is deeply embedded in the media industry.

We Think

We put strategy first, at the forefront of the planning process. From there we create unbreakable solutions across all forms of media.

We Behave

We're disruptive. We'll do whatever it takes to design and execute media strategies that build superior brand recognition and deliver outstanding results.

We Make the Difference for You

We aren't your everyday digital marketing shop. We have access to cutting-edge technologies that, candidly, others haven't even heard about. And we're not afraid to use them.

Brandon Grosvenor

The brain behind the brand
After a two-decade, executive-level career leading some of the largest media companies, Brandon decided that the media industry needed a new model:

Many marketers have become frustrated with the legacy model, which has not changed in decades. It's unbendable, resistant to innovation. It can't adapt to the rate of change and the ever-evolving technologies disrupting traditional advertising. As a result, it's breaking. I founded Brand Grow in response to a very real need for a fast, flexible agency that understands what's going on in the media world today, especially in digital advertising. Our collective model operates as a close-knit team of leading marketers, designers, developers and analysts. We can efficiently harness what's new and effective, and put fresh, disruptive solutions on the table for our clients.

Our strategy first approach

Before you ask – yes, we do it all. But we always start with strategy. We work with you to create your media blueprint, then design tactics that map back to it. The right strategy makes any solution work better. And maximizes performance. Think of us as an extension of your CMO's office, but our coffee's better!

How We Grow your Brand

We discover

We dive deep into where you want to go, then create a scalable solution to get you there, which, modestly speaking, is brilliant.

We Plan

We create a vertically aligned media campaign that de-clutters and demystifies your options, and is customized to the personality of your brand. We're not a cookie–cutter shop··· We know that one size does not fit all.

We execute

We bring together a team of the brightest, most creative talent in the biz to ensure that your media campaign soars.

We analyze

As your campaign progresses, we scrutinize the data for insights and areas that need adjustment, to ensure 100% performance on strategy.

Just need tactics? No problem!

We‘re your plug and play partner. When you don't have the internal resources, we can fold into your organization and work behind the scenes to roll out a customized, turnkey solution.


It’s your shopping cart. Bounce your menu ideas off of us, and we'll help you fill your cart. We’re fully stocked with offerings for one or more parts of your campaign.


We work with the best and brightest specialists in their fields, not always accessible when you work with a traditional agency.


We concentrate on your business development, managing all logistics from one centralized point, so that you can focus on your core specialty. Everything we do is backed up by our proactive, flexible support service.

We've got you covered

Digital? Traditional? Blended? We’ll help you create the best media solution to yield the returns you’re looking for, based on your goals and objectives. We begin by looking at your needs, then develop the right strategy for your campaign. From there, we build out the best channels for deployment. This might include one or more of the following vehicles:



We design creative advertising and place your message in front of the right audience at the right time, across all devices.



Video is typically the cornerstone in any digital media campaign, with its ability to reach a wide audience range, more specifically to attract a younger audience. We bring to your target market videos that are disruptive, idea generating and engaging in ways that make it hard to resist replaying and sharing.



In 2015, mobile ad spending accounted for 49% of digital ad spending, and according to the data, it's only going to keep growing. Tap into our deep experience launching and monitoring a targeted mobile program, so that you can benefit from one of today's most powerful communication channels.



We create and curate content relevant to your customer base in ways that attract, retain and change behaviour.



We keep track of people who visit your site and display your retargeting ads to them as they visit other sites online – a proven technique for converting window-shoppers into buyers.


website design

We merge strategy with creativity to design a customized website that is engaging and user friendly.


search engine optimization

We maximize the number of visitors to your website by positioning it so that it is found at the most critical points in the buying process.


search engine marketing

We market your business using paid advertisements that appear at the top of search engines.



Through market analysis, we determine the most effective social platforms and messaging for your brand, then launch and manage this critical communication tactic.


email marketing

We work with you to develop a compelling email campaign that acquires new customers, builds loyalty and promotes repeat business.



We're the go-to team to maximize the potential of newspapers and magazines. These are two of the most trusted advertising channels, scoring high for reach, flexibility, affordability and impact.



We broaden your reach to a mass scale through the purchase of ad spots on radio and television programming your intended demographic is likely to tune into.


experiential and event marketing

Ask us to be your live-event partner. We'll provide a powerful face-to-face, and often surprisingly affordable, opportunity to market to your ideal customer group.


out of home

One of the most widely used services we provide is out-of-home advertising. It's ideal for reaching people on the go, generating instant awareness and elevating the perception and credibility of a brand.


custom publishing

Through custom publishing, we deliver your company's carefully crafted editorial content to an intended audience. It's a great way to provide relevant information that makes your brand memorable and desirable.


public relations

Let us help you design and execute a well run PR campaign to get the word out to your target market and build connections that bring people closer to your brand.


talk to us

You've got the brand. We know how to grow it. The new way. Don't be shy – give us a shout!